Perhaps you are looking for the private place to do your workouts or have an injury, recurring aches & pains which are holding you back. We`re not a cult, and we don’t do gimmicks or quick-fixes but providing the foundations of healthfulness, corrective exercises with kick-ass workouts.

individual approach

We adhere to a personalised approach towards every client concerning his/her personal needs, wishes, skills and rhythm.


There is no one around to distract you also you are not going to be on display frankly all space is yours given time.

time flexibility

Book your session/treatment during the day, afternoon or evening. If there is a space, weekends are also available.

It's simple

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We work with the young, the not-so-young and everyone in between. People with a history of surgeries. Athletes with a recurring issue affecting their performance. Moms after giving birth but still experiencing lower back pain and abdominal discomfort. Using integrated therapeutic, and movement approaches, including NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), The Biomechanic Method.

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The most common problems we solve

There is a list of the most common issues we come across daily. These are not the only pains, each person is unique, and all symptoms vary..

Neck & Head

• Whiplash
• Neck tension
• Strained neck
• Neck pain
• Migraines
• Cervicogenic headache
• Vestibular disorder
• Vertigo
• Chronic dizziness
• Imbalance

Shoulder & Wrist

• Carpal tunel
• Weakness in hands
• Frozen shoulder
• Shoulder pain
• Discolation
• Impigement
• Bursitis
• Tennis elbow
• Golfer elbow
• Rotator-cuff injuries
• Arthritis
• Fractures
• De quarvains

Back & Hip

• Back pain
• Post Op back surgery
• Slipped disc
• Curved spine / scolionis
• Degenerative disc
• Sciatica
• Back spasms
• Pelvic floor conditions
• Hip replacement (rehab)

Knee & Ankle

• Meniscus
• Knee replacement (rehab)
• Hamstring strains & tears
• Knee osteoarthritis
• Knee / Patella pain
• ACL / PCL / MCL tear (rehab)
• Shin splints
• Ankle sprain
• Achilles tendonitis / rupture
• Plantar fasciitis
• Metatarsaliga
• Bunion
• Heel and foot pain

How does it work

Contact Juraj on +420 777 408 812 or via and schedule a session.

On your agreed time, meet him in the private location. There is a bunch of questions awaiting yours. If you are experiencing any pain, Juraj will look for a cue from your medical history, injuries, lifestyle habits etc.

It is guaranteed, he will make you perform some simple exercises/muscle tests so he can determine what muscles are working correctly, which of them are weak or not active at all. Remember the main task here is to find the cause of your problem and not treat only the symptoms.

When you like what you have just experienced, he has a solution and will make a plan for what to do. If something is not understandable, it is simple, ask.

We do not cooperate with health insurance companies.

Getting rid of the dizziness and headache seemed to be virtually impossible. I got the feeling that it would always be so, and it would get worse. Then I started going to the Fabuš Fit Clinic and Juraj explained that it was all different and that if we worked on it, it would improve. And improved. We locked together and effectively exercised to relieve my body of all pain, and most of all the dizziness finally disappeared. Its hard work for me but I always feel much better after exercising.


Nikol B, Prague

Juraj is great - he's not only a good personal trainer with the right balance between pushing you hard and motivating, he is also just smart and knows his stuff. Basically, knows more than your physio and then also knows how to give you a good workout. If you either want to recover from injury or remain injury free, he's your man! I trained with him ever since I had a (twice) slipped disk back in Amsterdam and he got me up and back to kitesurfing and more within a year. I'm still sad he moved to Prague!


Frieda v B, Amsterdam

An absolute brilliant experience at Fabuš FC as I have received loads of personal attention and Juraj is super encouraging. My lower back is not bothering me anymore, since we were fixing my posture issues and the overall fitness level is much better than 10 years ago. Another advantage is that the studio is never crowded, so I can do exercises I would never do in a public gym


Alex C, Prague

I was terrified of gyms and exercising overall. After slipped disc surgery and in constant pain, unable to sit for more than 20 minutes or walk longer distances. Totally miserable. Then I found Juraj. And he helped me find my muscles :D I no longer dread the exercise time. Gym is fun (well, pain, but fun!). I can walk, sit, lift weights and enjoy my life like never before. Sky is the limit. Whether you have chronic pain, old injury or just crave some tailor-made workout plan, this is the place.


Jana B, Prague

Can’t say enough good things about this place. All my problems fixed and with great service. Juraj explained everything very clearly to me and made me feel comfortable and looked after. The location and equipment are all fantastic too. Will be my first call when I have future issues 10/10


Gregor A, Prague


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